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 When to Take the Car Keys offers a unique resource to caregivers and their loved ones: the Grace Senior Inventory (GSI).  Using well defined Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs), you will learn that your loved one's needs center around transportation, grocery shopping, housework, taking their meds, and handling their money, some needs more immedialte than others.

Caregivers: Are you concerned about mom or dad's driving?  Or writing checks?  Or moving in with you?  This book offers sound practical advice to all senior caregivers.  Learn how to balance your responsibilities to your parents, to your family, to yourself and to your employer...and when to take the car keys and the checkbook!

Help is on the way!  Your next step is your own pesonal inventory of immediate needs of your loved one.  You can do this yourself, privately, without medical assistance or legal advice.

How to order?

Search Amazon.com for Take the Car Keys Grace, and order  When to Take the Car Keys [Kindle Edition], 40 pp., Digital list price $2.99.  Free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet.


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